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Being a Writer/Poet

Being a Writer/Poet

Average Jane: What do you see Joe? Average Joe: A tree Average Jane: What do you see Joe? Poet Joe: An old natural pillar Whom leaves are

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Average Jane: What do you see Joe?
Average Joe: A tree
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Average Jane: What do you see Joe?
Poet Joe: An old natural pillar
Whom leaves are serving as the void filler
To cover the gap and provide dense shade
Whose fate hasn’t yet decided by a blade
Average Jane: Sorry, what?

The Average Joe and the Poet Joe saw the same tree, but the talent of perceiving things differently separates the
Poet Joe from the Average Joe.
Now, some become a writer/poet
after getting a professional qualification in literature and some are just God
gifted amateurs (like me), who no matter what career path choose, eventually
land in the writing field. People like me do not have the field specific technical
knowledge of the terms like the professionals do. We just have a thought in
mind and write it on the paper, sometimes in a rhyme scheme. That’s how it has been
for me so far. If you started writing because something inspired you, then you
might fall in one or more than one below mentioned categories of creative

Beginner’s Edition

The Vibe Catchers (I am in)

Vibe catchers don’t have a hard
skin. A tiny disturbance in the vibes around them disturbs them. The slightest wave
of happiness totally changes their mood for the better. They still catch these
vibes even if they don’t want to. Their mood swings can go from one extreme end
to another within minutes. That is noticeable by the people around them. The
disturbances they encounter are the inspiration behind their writings. When
they feel they are filled up to the brim, they pen down each and every feeling they
went through.

The Silent Observers (My Favorite

Silent observers are a little
harder than the vibe catchers. No matter what’s going on around them, they
always have their own thing going on in their mind. But, this is only to some
extent. They are somewhat introverts. Hardly interfere, just observe. They
carry their anonymity well. They might be observing you all the time and you
wouldn’t know. They only come out of their comfy closet when it’s really
important. Intense, secretive and full of suspense, they express via not
speaking, but writing.

World Witnesses (Walk in Others

The World Witnesses keep their own
feelings at bay and write what others feel about in a particular situation.
They put themselves in sufferer’s shoes and feel what he/she had felt, and then
write on the behalf of the sufferer. They are also considered the silent observers,
but the selection of the subject separates them. They have practiced skill of

A level Up

Craft Controllers (A Necessity)

These are influenced by the market.
Majority lands in this category. These usually end up writing for music band or
for movies (as a lyricist). They know what’s hot in the market. What’s going to
sell, and then based on their analysis; they introduce popular words and style in
their writings. A phase comes in every writer’s career where he/she becomes a
craft controller. It turns out to be necessary, too.
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