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For Beginners: How to Write Great Content That Sells

For Beginners: How to Write Great Content That Sells

Want to write great content that sells? Here are quick tips for beginners to write great content that sells. Follow these to begin your writing career.

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5 Writing Tips for Beginners

“A Professional Writer is an Amateur Who Didn’t Quit” – Richard Bach

Starting off the list of writing tips for non-writers with the quote to boost your morale and eliminating the negatives that were blocking you from writing your content piece. The first tip in the list is the same.

1. Start with a Quote or a Question

As per the A-I-D-A Marketing Model i.e. Attention – Interest – Desire – Action, the top slot goes to the Attention. Studies have shown that in a writing piece regardless of the topic, a quote or provocative question grabs more attention of the reader than a simple plain sentence. It grips the audience and that’s why you need it in the first three lines of your writing piece. See this content piece for instance. A How-To Question in the title and a Quote as the open line.

2. 13-16 Words in a Sentence

This is the most neglected portion. Once an amateur writer starts writing the sentences, s/he goes on and on without the commas and full stops. The problem with the long sentences is that people sometimes miss the subject, object and sometimes mix both of them. To understand a longer sentence, they usually have to read it again. Few love it, most leave it. And, this practice is only for the beginners. Once you are in the trade, where you have to write longer sentences, you got to leave this tip behind. That is because by then you would know how to clearly put your subjects and objects in a longer sentence without confusing the reader.

3. Avoid Long Paragraphs

Continuing with the length paradigm from the sentences we reach to the paragraphs. All big boxy article structure is no more a recommended content writing strategy. The first reaction the reader gives “OMG! I have to read all that?” This makes them click on the cross button right away.
  • Short Sentences
  • Short Paragraphs
  • Heading Above Each Paragraph
  • Introduce Bullet Points. It increases the visual appeal of the content piece.

4. Write in Present Tense

Compare the sentences in the two examples and tell which are more assuring!
  • We Will Do Hair Transplant at Cheap Price
  • We Do Hair Transplant at Cheap Price
  • We Will Reply Our Clients within 24 Hours
  • We Reply Our Clients within 24 Hours
The sentences with ‘will’ in them give the idea ‘oh! They will do it later; they are not doing it now’.
But, the second sentences in both the examples tell about ‘they are currently doing this’; ‘they are already practicing it’. These two notions give more assurances.
So, if you want to display confidence in your writing, write in present tense.

5. Use 1st & 2nd Person Approach

1st & 2nd person approach is more direct, personal and engaging. Consider these two lines
‘If anybody wants to get their car repaired, come to us’ – Who’s anybody here?
‘If you want to get your car repaired, don’t forget to call us’ – You know who YOU here is!
It’s the READER reading the article. It’s the direct approach. It’s more personal. The 1st person is the writer writing the article and 2nd person is the reader reading it. Keep it that way throughout the content piece to make it engaging.
There you go! Your 5 tips for today that would help you in writing a good content piece, even if you have never written anything ever!
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