Holding on to the Silver Lining!

Holding on to the Silver Lining!

Motorola Moto G, Hope, pen, escapematter, escape matter 
I might hurt somebody if I open up completely
I have covered everything inside me, pretty neatly
Don’t scratch or try to find what I am hiding
A horse with uncontrollable force I am riding
I have covered my grief with a mask, it’s smiling
But never lost hope as every dark cloud has a silver lining

No matter what happens, I’ll give my meaning to life
It’s not something for me you should define
You know all about me? No! so never try to judge me!

You are just another face in the crowd, so please, excuse me!
I am walking with a storm inside me
And what’s outside does not define me

It’s not the first time I am preparing a rhyme

People make my path tough but I will climb!
I know you want me under your hands as a puppet!
You can’t and you never will, so cut it!
Your consideration of controlling my situation is silly
I may relapse but in time I’ll strike and kill it!

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