I hate you because…

I hate you because…


Romantic Poem, Guitar, Escape Matter

I hate reading our chat on repeat
I forget to sleep, drink, play and eat

I hate thinking about you all day when you are away!
saying Goodbye? No! please stay

I hate to call you, send text, mail you
You trust me as a friend, I guess I don’t want to fail you

I hate to have a smile on my face when I see your pictures
A beautiful pain I have found in such fixtures

I hate it when you catch all my lies and what I hide
You are the only one with whom I share everything, that I don’t deny

I hate walking with you as I know I have to walk alone for the rest of my life
I need to stop focusing on future as present is my time and I am more than ever alive!

Even after knowing what your status is
I am still doing it no matter what the future brings

I do it all, even I hate it
so let’s face it. I am afraid of it!
It’s FEAR.. to which my hate can be easily related!
It’s fear of losing you
If I have to lose you
I should stop coming close to you

But it’s life, people meet, talk, chat, become friends, together they grow!
and in the end one should learn the art of “LETTING GO”!
and we both know
we have to let go… each other
no matter how further we go together!

In the end I just want a smile on the faces of both of us
when we say goodbye to each other even if it’s torturous


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