I see a beautiful thought – Poem by Simranjeet Singh

I see a beautiful thought…

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I see a beautiful thought turning into reality
fading from the dark into the light and clarity

I see the breeze of happiness piercing the fog of stillness
a wave of chill wishing me luck and wellness

I see around me light of hope
Reminding me at every step, I am not alone

I see no more sorrow only a beautiful pain
time healed the wounds but scars remained the same
reminding me not to fall in the pit of grief again

I see it all, I feel the rising when I see you
but wait, I am looking closely now, there’s something you’re hiding too

I see you now, walking in my shoes
You too facing that hell I’ve already been through

I see you struggling, fighting a battle on daily basis
Not lying, I know what exactly your case is

I see you going through the same sh*t
You are in the pit, want to get out, admit it

I see you standing, hoping to cross the stairs
Come, take my hand, I’ll get you out of there

Yes, that’s the way we both get out of this dump
holding each other’s hand, having each other’s back
let’s become
for each other, the nondetachable chums

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