I Will Miss You

I Will Miss You

I Will Miss You

EscapeMatter, escape matter, guitar and girl

I’ll miss you saying hello to me!
My smiling response happily

I’ll miss those funny childish fights
Eating cakes and sugar-free diets

I’ll miss those moments of you walking by my side
Not going through the lift but taking stair-ride

I’ll miss asking you to turn around
Meeting you is like a treasure that I found

You are the girl with a golden heart
A heart that melts with emotions’ warmth

I hated those moments when you weren’t with me
They are considered as the pain in me

I’ll miss those moments when you cried
Your eyes say it all it’s nothing they hide

I’ll miss that trip with you on Sunday

A tear may come out remembering that one day

I’ll miss those laughs I shared with you
Thanks for those memories, may God bless you

I’ll miss you scolding me as i knew it was fake
I did what I could for your smile’s sake

I’ll miss looking continuously in your eyes
and when I surprise you, they blink like butterflies!

I’ll miss giving you poems and make you feel special
Without you my inside is nothing but an empty vessel!

You are the most important one of a few
I’ll miss some, No! but every bit of you


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