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Live Life 100% Doing YOUR THING

Live Life 100% Doing YOUR THING

Death will come to us eventually, but has life come to us yet? We all will die, but before that day comes, have we actually lived? Have we lived f

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Death will come to us eventually, but has life come to us yet?

We all will die, but before that day comes, have we actually lived?
Have we lived for ourselves?
We can’t ignore death, but haven’t we ignored life one way or the other?
A lifeless living is nothing but a slow suicide.


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Nobody is going to share your death with you. You will have it 100%. So, why don’t you have your life’s 100%? Are you bounded with responsibilities, duties towards society, family? I am not going to talk about the things that only exist in the 9th cloud. So, let’s get the fact straight, we all are bounded by these responsibilities and duties, but do these stop you from doing YOUR THING? NO! It’s you who put the barricade between you and your goal.

It’s time to smash the ball in the opponent’s court with these three punching tips and examples from My Thing

1. What is YOUR THING?
The first phase of living life 100% starts with knowing the things that give you satisfaction. Circumstances don’t allow people to daily practice the things that satisfy them. Even if you get your share of happiness in droplets by doing YOUR THINGS, accept it.

My Thing: I love writing, but my 9 to 6 working hours don’t allow me to exercise my passion for an adequate amount of time. But, thanks to technology, I keep taking notes, on my phone, about the thoughts that cross my mind and need more time and attention. It just takes a few seconds.

2. Accumulate the Droplets
“You slept as a regular guy/girl in your regular home and woke up in an exotic villa with billions in your locker” – If you are JUST WAITING this miracle to happen, keep waiting nobody’s disturbing you. But, if you want to see yourself waking up in a villa with billions in your locker, may be not tomorrow, but some day, then stop waiting and start doing. Do YOUR THING as much as you can daily. Give an increase of some percentage to YOUR THING. 5 years from now, you will wish you had started today. Don’t let yourself make that wish.

If you want to do charity and feed 1000 people, feed one today.
If you want to earn millions, earn 100s today.

My Thing: I don’t know on which date this post gets published, but I started taking notes for this write-up on 29th May and developed this word by word, line by line since then. Today, it’s live and you are reading it. If I had not started on 29th  May, this would not have been possible.

3. Do before you Die
Irrespective of the circumstances, the fear of death before accomplishing anything does motivate people. You might have heard the term “Bucket List”. It’s the list people make listing the things they want to do before they die.

Why Think about Dying?
Remember the scene from The Dark Knight Rises (2012), where Bruce Wayne couldn’t make the climb? What does the old man says to Bruce?

Old Man – “How can you move faster than possible… Fight longer than possible… without the most powerful impulse of the spirit… The Fear of Death”

And, Bruce Wayne made the climb. Even if it was a movie scene, the fear of death does push the human to go beyond and test the limits.

So, Keep The Fear of Death Pushing You to Live

My Thing: When nothing, then the fear of dying without making some worthy movies pushes me to work more on my scriptwriting, direction skills and search for a good production house.


Nothing is achieved without Patience, Persistence and Discipline.