Old Soul – Poem by Simranjeet Singh

Scenario of the poem: I have been working in an office for 1.6 years, fare-welled many of my friends and greeted new comers! 

Sadhupul, A village in Himachal Pradesh

A herb with fresh soul
on the banks of river
Felt cold waters touch its roots
Thus, it shivers
on the banks of river

It saw the ripples come and go
thinking they were going whither
Why it can’t go with them?
as it was standing firmly thither
standing firmly on the banks of river

Ripples gave life to the herb
through the roots from the fissures
Still it felt empty at the end
as them were not the constant givers
and the herb stood firmly on the banks of river

It looked down to its reflection
Growing imperfectly in the river
All it saw young ripples each time
Young ripples, old himself, in the mirror
saw standing himself on the banks of river

Old it felt seeing young waters
Old, rigid, stiff as a pillar
Still sees waters passing by
still it stands on the banks of river

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