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Road Safety: A Responsibility

Road Safety: A Responsibility

They are neither planned nor anticipated that’s why they are called ACCIDENTS. But, these cannot be taken as granted. We CAN avoid them, reduce the ri

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They are neither planned nor anticipated that’s why they are called ACCIDENTS. But, these cannot be taken as granted. We CAN avoid them, reduce the risk, injuries, and DEATHS only if we drive carefully and follow TRAFFIC RULES and give importance to ROAD SAFETY.

Rules!, for some “Rules are made to be Broken” – An easy phrase to throw out at the young blood especially when it comes to traffic rules in India. It is a harsh reality and a thing to be ashamed of that how easily Traffic rules are ignored by the people, youngsters being in majority in the country that has the second largest road network in the world. Reckless driving to show-off the driving skills on the crowded roads is risky and dangerous. Unfortunately, this risk and danger provokes the irresponsible drivers more forgetting about the consequences and the value of human life (including theirs). They throw the road Safety rule book away and rive like a maniac.
Negligence driving caused 141,526 deaths in India due to road accidents in the year 2014. These deaths are termed as un-natural Accidental Deaths.
Negligence driving as the causes of these deaths is one part the other part is Hit and Run.
In some cases, it has been found that the driver who hit the person ran off the accident site without giving a second look to the person he has hit. If the driver had stopped the vehicle and rushed the person to the nearby hospital or provided first aid, then the person could have been saved. But, the fear of getting caught by the police doesn’t let him do that. Driving off from the crime scene is an easy way out for them. The powerful rich people decide to deal with the issue later in the court because they know they can easily get out of there (If the case reaches that far). Unsurprisingly, they are able to do so too.
If you are in the driver’s seat, you got a lot on shoulders! here’s why!
Road Safety, traffic rules are for the pedestrians too and their need of following those rules is equally important, but you see if a walking man bumps to another man there’s less chance of broken ribs, head injury, internal organ injuries, or blood loss. Now, replace one man out of the two with a car, there are more chances of broken ribs, head injury, internal organ injuries or blood loss. Replace both men with two cars forget about the broken ribs, a little oil leakage can cause a blast. So drivers, be careful!
Here’s a video that shows how attending a phone call while driving can be dangerous. The video “Death Was Calling “was prepared by Simranjeet Singh, Puneet Teji and team for Avoid Accident NGO. Along with other videos, this video was also selected and showcased in the 2nd Global High-Level Conference on Road Safety held in Brazil in Nov, 2015.
Rules are there!
Awareness too!
We have to keep reminding it to the people!
Drive sober, eyes on the road with controlled speed in the correct lane
Let another driver drive you in a Police Car or an Ambulance!