Spectre – the fourth James Bond movie for Daniel Craig. Spectre got mixed reviews for the people. But all the reviews were extreme. Some reviewers, film critics, didn’t like it at all and some say that it’s the best bond movie. I agree with the latter. The locations, cast, action, story, and dialogues all carried the Bond legacy in a well deserving way. So, let’s take a look at the James Bond – Spectre Movie Quotes. 1. Starting off Spectre Movie Quotes with Q 2. M – A true Professional 3. A pretty uncommon feature of a gadget for a guy with the license toRead More →

It’s been four years since James Bond – Skyfall, third in the Daniel Craig series of James Bond movies came out. After Quantum of Solace, people thought that Daniel Craig’s James Bond is over. But, Skyfall redeemed their faith in James Bond Film series. Skyfall got everything that people missed in the Quantum of solace and nearly grossed double what Quantum of Solace did. Skyfall’s climax made this movie special from all the other bond movies. Now, don’t just jump to the climax if you haven’t seen the movie.We did a movie quote post on Quantum of Solace too, do check that. And, this listRead More →

The second James Bond movie of Daniel Craig is a mix-match of personal and professional mission. The plot continues from Casino Royale with some common characters. Too many innocent deaths in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, I mean too many. But there two sequences in the movie which are a takeaway from the movie. The number one – The horse racing and Bond Chase, the shots are beautifully synchronized. The Number two – the Opera fight scene. There weren’t you can extraordinary good movie lines in the movie, but we got our share of 10 best movie quotes from Quantum of Solace. 1. ChooseRead More →

Casino Royale is not just Daniel Craig’s first Bond movie, but also Ian Fleming’s first OO7 novel – surprised that they never made it before with the previous bond?Daniel Craig had chip on his shoulder to prove that Franchise picked up the right man for the job as Pierce Brosnan became the most loved bond. Cutting long story short – Daniel is a badass superb bond. Audience gave him a warm welcome. This is the bond people needed in this era.Suits – Cars, Aston Martin specifically – Girls & Gun and some superb movie quotesThat sums up Casino Royale 1. Every Bond fan doubted DanielRead More →

The Man of UNCLE is Warner Bros’ take on the 1960s hit television series The Man from UNCLE. KGB and CIA join hands for a common mission to stop an international criminal organization’s master plan. KGB agent is played by Armie Hammer and CIA agent is played by Man of Steel – Henry Cavill in the movie. Being an action and adventure, mystery and sci-fi and comedy, this movie offered pretty good movie quotes. However, only some of those movie lines made it to our list of movie quotes. 1. Never underestimate anyone 2. Regret is one pill bitter to swallow. Never do anything, whichRead More →

Here’s the list of the best movie quotes from A Beautiful Mind. This movie is based on the life of John Nash, An American Mathematician. Russell Crowe, playing John Nash’s part did a great job. It is a must watch. People tend to follow the path these special personalities walk on. The movie quotes represent their personality in the movie, what they do, how they think and all. So, these movie lines do make an impact on the mind of the viewers. These general sounding movie lines sometimes break the barrier of mediocrity to become one of the best movie quotes… 1. I didn’t takeRead More →

The Fifth Estate movie quotes weren’t difficult to pick. We settled with 12 best movie quotes this time. Even though the movie was inspired from the book, based on real life events, the actors performed really well, it has some of the best movie lines that reflect our government and system the ratings tell a different story. 6.2/10 on IMDb, 37% on Rotten Tomatoes and 49% on Metacritic That is the most underrated movie rating for such movie. It is may be because people are in favor in Julian Assange and they thought this movie portrayed him negatively, but the real reason is not known.Read More →

I went to see The Wolf of Wall Street only because of Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese. If I consider the story of the movie a fiction, I would say it’s awesome, but when I see the fraud did by the company in real life, that is not so awesome. The movie did glamorize the life of Jordan Belfort, who got caught because of the fraud that he and his company did. Coming back to the movie, it does offer some fresh and powerful movie lines or movie quotes for that matter mostly for the people from the sales field or those who want toRead More →

Alan Turing, a name many of you didn’t know until The Imitation Game came out. We respect that personality that gave us what in today’s world we call Computers. This list of The Imitation game Movie Quotes is a tribute to that mastermind. He was an atheist, homosexual, brilliant mathematician, computer scientist, logician, theoretical biologist and cryptanalyst. Alan Turing also has a connection with the Apple Logo (Bitten Apple). Steve Jobs gave tribute to Alan Turing with that logo. ALAN TURING BIT THE APPLE LACED WITH CYANIDE and died. Steve Jobs while remembering the contributions Alan Turing made to his field, decided to put thatRead More →

We all have witnessed the wit and charm of Iron Man in all of his solo movies and in Avengers too. Iron Man’s quotes surpass his own movie quotes from the previous movies. In Avengers we have Thor, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk, Iron Man, and Hawkeye, Quick silver and scarlet witch. You can imagine the fireworks in the movie. However, I missed Loki from The Avengers part 1. We will do a list of best movie quotes from Avengers later. This list is dedicated to Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie Quotes. 1. Starting off with Iron Man, without a doubt!   2. We areRead More →