With 81% rating on rottentomatoes and 6.8/10 on IMDB, Man up does a fair good job with entertaining us. It has some old time rom-com clichés, but thanks to the (UK Guy) Simon Pegg, (US Girl) Lake Bell and their chemistry who make this movie worth a watch. We’ve compiled some of the best movie quotes from Man Up. We hope you will like it. The best thing we like about such movie quotes is that we don’t know when it’s going to come out in the movie. A normal dialogue scene goes on and a single line spoke by the actor leaves us inRead More →

I hope you will like this collection of best movie quotes from the movie The Words.  A very good movie with not so good ending – The Words. Those who saw the movie would agree to me on this. Young budding writers and the ones who have not done any literary professional education for being a writer would get connect with this movie smoothly. If not the qualification, then the pain you go through makes you a writer. This movie is all about that. The pain could be about personal, social, or physical. I like the story, script and it was represented to the audience.Read More →

Christopher Nolan made me love Astronomy. I never researched about space explorations, black holes, wormholes and the 4th dimension until Interstellar came out. I am happy that I watched Interstellar twice in the theatre because the visual effects used in the movie had not been highlighted so much on the PC. There are many real stories attached with this movie, just like with every Christopher Nolan movie. Absolutely NO GREEN SCREENS WERE USED IN INTERSTELLAR. Can you imagine that? A space exploration movie in 21st century shot without the green screens. Christopher Nolan made it possible! While selecting the dialogues from Interstellar, I told myselfRead More →

Concluding the Batman Trilogy, here I present The Dark Knight Rises Movie Quotes. Again, as happened while choosing The Dark Knight Best Dialogues, this list also got bigger and I had to re-read all the dialogues to make it smaller and better. I ended up with top 15 The Dark Knight Rises Movie Quotes. Enjoy! **The list of quotes is not in the chronological sense as the quotes are in the movie** (I wanted to do a Christopher Nolan here 😉  1. Remember the Joker’s take on plans??? See what he feels click here and read the dialogue no. 11. But, here bane has oppositeRead More →

Ranked number 4 on the IMDb’s Top rated movies; The Dark Knight (2008), the sequel to Batman Begins is hard to ignore. According to the list, it is the best superhero movie ever made till date. The movie offers so much entertainment at multiple levels. I want to confess something first. I planned to pick 10 best quotes from The Dark Knight. But, as the movie went, the list only got longer and longer. I had to delete 5-6 dialogues to shorten my list and it still has more than 10 dialogues. There are many beautiful quotes to give thumbs up to. Starting with 1. BatmanRead More →

After sleepless nights of writing and multiple edits a writer finally decides which lines, dialogues, and quotes are going to make it to the movie and which are going in the bin on the scrambled paper. When these dialogues are combined with the perfect scene, mood, expressions then they leave a strong impression on our memory plate. Some take the story forward and some are there just to put a smile on your face. Beginning the series of movie quotes with Batman Begins Movie Quotes; 1. Bruce Wayne is in a prison, a gang of goons indulge in a fight with him, but their little conversationRead More →