On the Eve of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s birthday, I got the chance to shoot the langar (Free Food) preparation at 4:00 am at Gurudwara Nada Sahib, Panchkula.  This is the first video I shot with my camera and uploaded on YouTube. The purity in the surroundings, Kirtan (Devotional Songs) echoing in the premises, everybody’s celebrating Guru Nanak’s birthday, you just dive into the pious ocean. Even if you are not religious or do not believe in God, but present there at the moment, the whole aura just pulls you in. It’s like sitting around the campfire or near a flower, you just can’tRead More →

1.Tell the Sky to Make Way for the Hilltops 2. So That the Visitors Don’t Get a Frosty Reception  3. Sky: Stay in Touch Mountains: You Too! 4. Lapping Each Other & Reducing the Vertical Distance 5. Tani Jubbar Lake, Shimla 6. Temple & Guest House at Tani Jubbar Lake 7. Take the Right Turn Before Sunset 8. And Shimla Gave us a Warm Welcome 9. Reason of Visiting Kufri (I am talking about the snow)Read More →

I was lying on the bed thinking about what to write next. An idea popped up in my mind. It was the last week in the office for a good friend of mine, a colleague, and owner of lifein20s.com, Supriya Trika. I thought of writing a rhyme for her website and present her before she leaves.  Click here to read the rhyme! Read More →

Scenario of the poem: I have been working in an office for 1.6 years, fare-welled many of my friends and greeted new comers!    A herb with fresh soulon the banks of riverFelt cold waters touch its rootsThus, it shiverson the banks of river It saw the ripples come and gothinking they were going whitherWhy it can’t go with them?as it was standing firmly thitherstanding firmly on the banks of river Ripples gave life to the herbthrough the roots from the fissuresStill it felt empty at the endas them were not the constant giversand the herb stood firmly on the banks of river It lookedRead More →