The Agreement Truth I wasn’t ready forHad come with full strength The slower heartbeat was tellingOur journey has come to an end Your struggle with breathingWas clearly noticeableBody getting colderIt was all fatal Holding your handsin your last momentsSmiling not cryingWas part of our agreement I was holding my tears tightYou were losing hand’s gripWait! don’t go! Not now!Not before the final goodbye kiss! I could do nothing but look at you goThe last heartbeat still echoes in my earsThat’s when our agreement ended and I was in tearsRead More →

Holding on to the Silver Lining!    I might hurt somebody if I open up completelyI have covered everything inside me, pretty neatlyDon’t scratch or try to find what I am hidingA horse with uncontrollable force I am ridingI have covered my grief with a mask, it’s smilingBut never lost hope as every dark cloud has a silver lining No matter what happens, I’ll give my meaning to lifeIt’s not something for me you should defineYou know all about me? No! so never try to judge me! You are just another face in the crowd, so please, excuse me!I am walking with a storm insideRead More →