My friend Pankaj Sharma shared one of his creations “What is Love for Me?”. Thank you Pankaj for contributing your rhyme to Escape Matter. Photo Credits: Pankaj Sharma What is Love for Me?When we walked together andYou held my hand & said “I missed you”That is Love When we roamed together in our car andMade fun of all the people we metThat is love When we drenched ourselves in the rain andFelt happy and blessedThat is Love When we spent our days and nightsTogether on the rooftop andStill felt that there was a lot to talk,That is Love When I kissed on your foreheadTo makeRead More →

The rainy lunch break in the month of Jan, I wish such moments come again and again,  I remember that tense look on your face, You did not want to come out at first place, and I would have missed your pout and grace, Rain drops and breeze, Taking away your ease, hairs waving in your face, And you’re like “Oh God! No, please!” Working day at the office was your reason of such a reaction, Because I know you also enjoy the rainy action, Ask me, I get filled with joy when things like this happen, It was a magic trick that mesmerized theRead More →

I Will Miss You I’ll miss you saying hello to me!My smiling response happily I’ll miss those funny childish fightsEating cakes and sugar-free diets I’ll miss those moments of you walking by my sideNot going through the lift but taking stair-ride I’ll miss asking you to turn aroundMeeting you is like a treasure that I found You are the girl with a golden heartA heart that melts with emotions’ warmth I hated those moments when you weren’t with meThey are considered as the pain in me I’ll miss those moments when you criedYour eyes say it all it’s nothing they hide I’ll miss that tripRead More →

The Agreement Truth I wasn’t ready forHad come with full strength The slower heartbeat was tellingOur journey has come to an end Your struggle with breathingWas clearly noticeableBody getting colderIt was all fatal Holding your handsin your last momentsSmiling not cryingWas part of our agreement I was holding my tears tightYou were losing hand’s gripWait! don’t go! Not now!Not before the final goodbye kiss! I could do nothing but look at you goThe last heartbeat still echoes in my earsThat’s when our agreement ended and I was in tearsRead More →

I see a beautiful thought… I see a beautiful thought turning into realityfading from the dark into the light and clarity I see the breeze of happiness piercing the fog of stillnessa wave of chill wishing me luck and wellness I see around me light of hopeReminding me at every step, I am not alone I see no more sorrow only a beautiful paintime healed the wounds but scars remained the samereminding me not to fall in the pit of grief again I see it all, I feel the rising when I see youbut wait, I am looking closely now, there’s something you’re hiding tooRead More →

I hate you because…   I hate reading our chat on repeatI forget to sleep, drink, play and eat I hate thinking about you all day when you are away!saying Goodbye? No! please stay I hate to call you, send text, mail youYou trust me as a friend, I guess I don’t want to fail you I hate to have a smile on my face when I see your picturesA beautiful pain I have found in such fixtures I hate it when you catch all my lies and what I hideYou are the only one with whom I share everything, that I don’t deny IRead More →

Yes!   Yes, I fell for you at first sight Brace yourself for coming verse, sit tight Yes, I took it to another level from my end For me, you became more than just a friend Yes, I envy when I see you with other guy Have to destroy that feeling I’ll give it a try Yes, I want to spend all my time with you Considering your status that’s inapt and impossible too, Yes, your thoughts shouldn’t be in my mind But I can’t stop thinking of a person that is too kind Yes, I broke some laws and ethics Going that deep wasRead More →