I hate you because…   I hate reading our chat on repeatI forget to sleep, drink, play and eat I hate thinking about you all day when you are away!saying Goodbye? No! please stay I hate to call you, send text, mail youYou trust me as a friend, I guess I don’t want to fail you I hate to have a smile on my face when I see your picturesA beautiful pain I have found in such fixtures I hate it when you catch all my lies and what I hideYou are the only one with whom I share everything, that I don’t deny IRead More →

The Palace of the Lord God is so beautiful. Within it, there are gems, rubies, pearls and flawless diamonds. A fortress of gold surrounds this Source of Nectar. 1. Inner Peace! 2. The Blessed Devotees 3. It’s you and the almighty only! 4. We usually hear people saying “I am going to come here again and again… and again!” 5. A Violent History, but Peace to the FutureRead More →

Let me go in the Solitude    and be the hidden observer for thou I am a misfit in the world of social survivors I don’t want the world to leave me alone so I am leaving it first going solitary going home I am going back home Journey to the home begins tonight on the way back, nothing will be new to the sight done playing with my castle of loam I am going solitary, I am going back homeRead More →

1.Tell the Sky to Make Way for the Hilltops 2. So That the Visitors Don’t Get a Frosty Reception  3. Sky: Stay in Touch Mountains: You Too! 4. Lapping Each Other & Reducing the Vertical Distance 5. Tani Jubbar Lake, Shimla 6. Temple & Guest House at Tani Jubbar Lake 7. Take the Right Turn Before Sunset 8. And Shimla Gave us a Warm Welcome 9. Reason of Visiting Kufri (I am talking about the snow)Read More →