“A Professional Writer is an Amateur Who Didn’t Quit” – Richard Bach Starting off the list of writing tips for non-writers with the quote to boost your morale and eliminating the negatives that were blocking you from writing your content piece. The first tip in the list is the same. 1. Start with a Quote or a Question As per the A-I-D-A Marketing Model i.e. Attention – Interest – Desire – Action, the top slot goes to the Attention. Studies have shown that in a writing piece regardless of the topic, a quote or provocative question grabs more attention of the reader than a simpleRead More →

I love sentences written in dramatic way more than the sentences stuffed with complex words. You, on the other hand, may have a different take on it. Employment of composite synonyms in place of straightforward words sometimes turns the middling reader off. It leaves the writer’s image as a pretentious intellectual in the reader’s mind. And Use of simple and regular words puts the erudite reader off. Straightforward and plain formation bores them. They enjoy the write-ups stuffed with complex words as their vocabulary develops this way and they learn new words. Giving predilection to difficult nomenclature in your publication polishes it too. It endowsRead More →

Average Jane: What do you see Joe?  Average Joe: A tree Average Jane: What do you see Joe? Poet Joe: An old natural pillar Whom leaves are serving as the void filler To cover the gap and provide dense shade Whose fate hasn’t yet decided by a blade Average Jane: Sorry, what? The Average Joe and the Poet Joe saw the same tree, but the talent of perceiving things differently separates the Poet Joe from the Average Joe. Now, some become a writer/poet after getting a professional qualification in literature and some are just God gifted amateurs (like me), who no matter what career pathRead More →