The Rainy Lunch Break

The Rainy Lunch Break

EscapeMater, Escape Matter, Rainy Day, Sector 17 Chandigarh

The rainy lunch break in the month of Jan,
I wish such moments come again and again, 
I remember that tense look on your face,
You did not want to come out at first place,
and I would have missed your pout and grace,

Rain drops and breeze,
Taking away your ease,
hairs waving in your face,
And you’re like “Oh God! No, please!”

Working day at the office was your reason of such a reaction,
Because I know you also enjoy the rainy action,
Ask me, I get filled with joy when things like this happen,

It was a magic trick that mesmerized the surrounding,
that aura of emotions left me spellbinding,

The gravity of the situation is hard to put in words and explain,
I just wish such moment of surprises COME AGAIN AND AGAIN!

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