Top 10 YouTube Channels for DSLR Film Makers

YouTube is one website where the
eager young film makers can learn the art of film making, know how to use their
camera to its full potential. I have generated this list of top 10 YouTube
channels for DSLR film makers based on my experience. I have learned from ‘which
camera to buy’ to ‘special effects to use in the film’ from these channels.
The list is in no particular
order. All what I have learned about my camera, gadgets and film making is
because of these channels, so I won’t rank them. I just want to recommend these
channels to the fellow, young, and budding film makers.
If you don’t know how to operate
your gadget well or how to achieve a desired cinematographic effect with your
camera or how you can build your film making gear in budget, just pay a visit
to any of these channels and you will find your answer. You will definitely
find tons of other YouTube channels. I am mentioning those, which I visit on
regular basis and find what I usually look for regarding the film making.

1 DigitelRev TV: Learn about the
cameras and equipment on-the-go.

Kai Wong, in his own witty and
sarcastic way entertains and teaches about the camera and related gadgets to
his viewers. It is because of his review I bought by first DSLR (Canon 600D) and
I am really happy with that.

2 DSLRguide

Simon Cade, the anchor tells
about the quick tips for film makers, low budget film making, camera and gear
for film making in a very clean ad decent way. It’s nice for beginners, have a

3 Chris Winter: Red, Black,

Yes, these are the colors I usually
see in the videos, White background, black camera, and red texts and arrows. Very
clear in his approach, Chris tells you about the cameras in detail and quick.
Also, the comparison videos he does are really good. Want to buy a camera? Check
out the review on his channel first. I checked the review of my Canon EF50MMF/1.8 STM Lens on his channel here before buying it.

4 Dave HowTo: He already got a “How”
in his name

David Howell, the presenter, is
very technical in his approach. He knows what he’s telling to the audience. He
basically focuses on functions and working on Canon Rebel series, which was
quite helpful for me as I learned about my Canon 600D functions and operations
from his channel.

5 Frugal Filmmaker: The low to no

PVC pipe, glue, screws, rivets,
screw driver, washers, wheels, budget film making gear – these are the words
you will hear when you turn on any of his videos. If you follow The Frugal
Filmmaker’s advice on DIY film making gear, you will save a lot of money. The
DIY gears he builds and teaches are really effective. Very clean and detailed
approach in every video!


Now, when you have learned about
your equipment well, try to use it to full potential for film making. Here are
the channels that can really help with learning about scene selection,
achieving cinematographic effects in your film, lighting in your scene, sound,

1 FilmRiot: Lo-Goooooo FILMRIOT

I still chuckle when the Logo comes
in the video. From pre-production, shooting to post-production, Ryan Conolly
covers everything. If you are in a doubt such as how to shoot a fight scene,
how to use VFX here or any question, this channel has your answer.

2 Indy Mogul: 1,200 Vidoes

This channel carries a lot of
potential. Want to learn DIY tips for film making? Want to move up from basic
Film Making? Switch to Indy Mogul. They channel has a lot of helpful videos (around
1,200) for Movie-heads.

3 MakingOf: Where Hollywood lives

See the behind the scenes of your
favorite movie. Learn how your favorite director shot your favorite scene. Trust
me, these behind the scene videos really encourage, inspire for film making.
Nobody’s there to tell you the How-Tos, you just watch and learn.

4 RaindanceFilmFest: The name says it all!

5 Your Own

Yes! You can learn from your
videos and experience. Have a real-time experience and learn from your
mistakes. You can only learn 30-40% from these channels, the rest is what you
have to apply, practice and improve and when you see your videos, you know what
to improve in your next video and for HOW-TO improve?, log on to any of the
above channels.

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