Who Will Hold the Leash?

Who Will Hold the Leash?

1. Have you ever imagined what would happen, if your hands
and feet have separate brains? 

What if, your brain in the head convinces you to have fun
and play in the mud, but the brain in the hands contradicts it and the hands don’t
pull themselves out to play? Well, then your own body would be a war zone.
What if, after a tiring day, you want to lie down on your
bed, but your feet are insisting you to dip them in warm water for relaxation?
Just another day in the war zone, right?
Your body is not a war zone because there’s ONLY ONE
commanding general, “Brain – The Headmaster”. The roles of the rest of the body
parts are divided well. This makes your body function properly. You can’t ask your liver to pump the blood in your body. That’s not its job.
Your home and office becomes the battleground when different
brains contradict each other’s decisions. In a parent-kid or an
employer-employee relationship, the difference of opinion sometimes lights a
spark and weakens the bond.
In tasks where teamwork is involved, one should learn to
define and divide the role of each individual in the team or give authority to
somebody more responsible to do this if you want a smooth workflow, which I
think is the priority. So, for smoother workflow, either you take the leash and
define the roles of each team member or give it to the right person in the
room. Pick-up any sports, role of the team members is always defined. A striker
in a football match does not get shifted to a defensive position.
See the photo below. The band delivered a dazzling
performance, because the role of each member was defined. Do you know who was
holding their leash in this performance? Whom they were following in this
performance? Take a guess first and read the answer below the photograph.
Za Palooza, Elante Mall, Industrial Area, Chandigarh, escape matter, escapematter

ANS – It’s the MUSIC they were playing.
– Put aside your ego if you are not leading and focus on what’s
good for the project.
– Define your role. Don’t try to do everything by yourself.

2. I would like to quote Bruce Lee for

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but
I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”
The quote says it all. If you want to achieve something big
in your area of interest, then don’t scatter your energy by doing 100 things in
a day instead, do a few things 100 times.
If you are blessed to have a coach or a teacher who
recognizes your true potential, then give your leash in his hands. Let him make
you do that one thing 100 times. His words will be your command. And, if you are
not that fortunate and an inspiration just got you where you currently are in
your line of passion, then take the leash in your hands. Do that one thing 100
times on your own. Let, what you do, define you.
Define your role by your goal, just as our body parts.
Choose the right leader or be your own leader.
Those who have reached at this point of the article, thank you
for your time for giving it a read. Share your thoughts in the comments


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