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How to Write For Escape Matter?


  • Are You a Movie Buff?

  • Do you Love Hollywood Movie Quotes?

  • Do you sell Superhero & Other Hollywood Movies merchandise?

  • Do You Love Discussing Hollywood movies?

If the answer to the above questions is a YES, then…

Escape Matter welcomes you to write and submit content on the website for FREE!
If you have written a good content piece that is useful to the movie lovers, this is your opportunity to take it to a broader audience.

We Love Hollywood Movies – You Love Hollywood Movies – We match well!

Content niche we look for

Our blog is heavily focused on Hollywood movies. We like the content that touches the subject of Hollywood movies in a good manner.

If the content on a particular movie is shared online many times, you can bring in front a new perspective on it. If the content has movie quotes in it, that’s a plus.

Content Guidelines

  1. Content must be original and free from grammatical errors. It should be submitted to info.escapematter@gmail.com
  2. The content should be interesting for the reader and anything related to Hollywood Movies.
  3. Aim for 500+ words.
  4. One backlink is allowed in the last paragraph of the content
  5. If you can link back to our older posts then it’s a plus point
  6. Cite the images, quotes or data used in the content.
  7. Give an author’s bio of 2-3 sentences
  8. If you want to use your product or company’s example, it’s fine
  9. Also, provide a Meta Title and Meta Description for your content. Meta title 60 characters (max.) and Meta description 170 characters (max.)
  10. Submit the content in an MS Word document along with the images to info.escapematter@gmail.com


If you have any other question regarding the content guidelines, feel free to get in touch with us

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