Yes, I Fell for You at First Sight


Yes, I fell for you at first sight
Brace yourself for coming verse, sit tight
Yes, I took it to another level from my end
For me, you became more than just a friend
Yes, I envy when I see you with other guy
Have to destroy that feeling I’ll give it a try
Yes, I want to spend all my time with you
Considering your status that’s inapt and impossible too,
Yes, your thoughts shouldn’t be in my mind
But I can’t stop thinking of a person that is too kind
Yes, I broke some laws and ethics
Going that deep was wrong, Now I get it
Yes, I crossed the limit a couple of times
Now I have decided to JUST SHUT and prepare some rhymes

Yes, I did what I shouldn’t have done
HE is your everything But I am? No one

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